Friday, April 15, 2011


I'm still way too busy with school (for T minus one month, YAY!) to really sit down and write like I've been desperate to, but last night and tonight I've been bursting with subject matter, so I'm going to cough it up on here so I can come back and remember what I wanted to discuss when I finally have time to discuss it.

My wonder and awe at God's creation. I've been astounded lately, and I think it's for three reasons: I'm getting older, hitting the developmental stage where you realize the world is so, so much bigger than you; I've got two amazing works of God that my body carried, built and nourished, and they're growing, developing, just like billions of other babies have, and it's amazing that that can just...happen (also, what I think about when it doesn't just happen); and the things about the human body and mind I've been learning the last two semesters - I feel like my worldview is coming together. I could write a book, but it couldn't be one with pages. This would have to be some kind of three-dimensional (maybe four) book, with arms and fingers and webs and tangents.

My views today vs. a few years ago re: childrearing, life, music, cooking... I love my mom, and I want to say "I'm sorry for everything I ever said." I think this is a developmental stage, as well.

I want goats and chickens. Did I mention we cloth diaper? Haha.

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