Thursday, December 23, 2010


Today I feel the need to swallow my boys up whole, keep them safe and sound back inside me where the big bad realities of life can't get to them. I was blessed to have two uncomplicated pregnancies (with the exception of the antibody/antigen scare with Keaton). What's scary is that that doesn't mean even close to everything in regards to the health of an infant. Grady has Optic Nerve Hypoplasia - it's not severe or life threatening, it's not genetic or caused by anything that happened in pregnancy (so we were told). That almost makes it more difficult. I feel like most of us mamas shake our heads at crack babies or FAS babies or babies with health problems because their mothers are 14 years old. We hurt for the poor babies, we do, but secretly we feel secure and somewhat self-satisfied with the fact that, since we did everything right, our baby will be fine. I'm sure Scarlett's mama felt that way, too. But baby Scarlett Grace has a 10 x 7cm brain tumor that, according to her neurosurgeon, is almost certainly malignant. I hear heartwrenching stories during the 30 seconds of human interest on the news every day, and though I will admit, since procreating, I do cry at the St. Jude's commercials, I had always thought they were pandering to the more hormonal among us. And that is probably true, stated evidence taken into consideration. But Scarlett's story struck close to home for me, as she is not even a month older than Keaton. Her mama is also a Baby Center member, just as I have confessed to being. Her parents love her and took very good care of her from the beginning. Lightning can strike anywhere.

Please keep this family in your prayers. Read their blog here to stay updated on Scarlett's condition.

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