Thursday, August 4, 2011

There was once a little brat named Flagrant Disregard.

I take issue with the term "creamy." While I do enjoy as much fat as our bovine suppliers can give us, I'm talking about the way the label is used as the antithesis of the term "crunchy," which is typically in reference to the lifestyle formerly known as "granola." However, now that granola is sold at Walmart, the lifestyle's subscribers needed to move further out on the fringe, because being on the fringe is also integral to the whole concept of "crunchiness," just like the batik skirts, Birkenstocks and reusable shopping bags.

If you didn't notice, I don't like the term "crunchy," either.
I also don't like "preggo," "preggers," or their phonetically challenged Italian American friend, "prego." I don't like "jock," "prep," "gearhead," and ESPECIALLY "nonconformist." Have you ever noticed most who call themselves nonconformists wear the same kind of clothes and listen to the same type of music? What's the definition of sterotype again? Just do your thing and shut up about it.

Moving on (or back). My major issue with the term "creamy" is not what it represents; which, in the mommy circles I frequent, typically means formula feeding, stroller pushing, disposable diaper using, sleep training, schedule sticking, non-organic eating, etc. Any one of those things is not evil or cruel or irresponsible. However, when moms proudly and defiantly declare themselves to be "creamy" in the face of the Crunch Crusaders, it is usually to turn a deaf ear/blind eye/cold heart to all the lifestyle and parenting differences. Is it a guilt thing? Because surely you can't sit there and tell me that your research has proven that formula trumps breastfeeding (insert disclaimer for genuine need here), or that BPA is actually good for babies, or that the less physical contact the better for small ones.


Basically, it's the same kind of disbelief, hopelessness, and irritation I feel when I see yet another Facebook profile like that of this young relative of mine:

Books: i hate reedng
Activities: yoo my name is XXXX i love to skateboard listen to muzic and txt thts all u need to no so txt meh ask 4 tha number
Political Views: they r all stupd <--I suppose this is rather accurate

Anyway, can someone please explain to me why why WHY it is ok to basically ignore everything that is widely known to be the best for your child (I'm not including those in true ignorance - we're only covering the self-proclaimed "creamies" here). 

And WHY is it ok to be proud of it?